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Pain: The Great Motivator

Being caught in the vicious cycle of addiction is likened to riding on a roller coaster that never stops. You feel somewhat excited and euphoric, but stay on even after nausea and panic sets in. Once it stops, you hop off and insanely hop back on. And the ride picks up where it left off.

Each alcoholic and addict in recovery has had that one defining moment that screamed out, "Enough is Enough!" That ear splitting voice that has shaken them to the core. The one that not only has grabbed their undivided attention, but has breathed flames into their pale face.

That defining moment is what I have always believed is "pain." Not so much physical pain, but emotional pain that is so overwhelming that it is powerful enough to chase away those demons that haunt us - active use.

For some it could be as simple as guilt or shame, For others maybe, a night in jail or a divorce. You could even come face to face with causing a death. Either way, pain is a motivator. Pain changes the game. Pain hurts. Pain simply translated is the equivalant of "Enough is Enough."


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